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FSI Wiki Worksheet (updated 05/27/2015) What information might help a public health professional investigate an outbreak associated with this product? The worksheet below is divided into categories to help organize and generate content ideas for the wiki. Food: ________________________________________   Key Facts (bullet pointed quick facts) Introduction (Basic topic information, i.e. botanical family, commodity group) Food borne Outbreaks (Pathogens associated with this food; contributing factors in outbreaks?) Production (Where or how much is produced in the US/imported?) Food Safety (Contamination risk, sanitization, safe consumption) Consumption (How much is consumed in the US? How is it consumed, if appropriate?) Nutrition (Nutritional, culinary, or cultural Read more

FSI Working User Guide

Formatting tips: If transferring text (cutting and pasting from Word), it is recommended to use the ‘Plain Text’ option and add formatting in WordPress. Please do not underline words because this could be confused with a hyperlink. On the Edit Post page, a toolbar should be visible above the box for adding text. The next to last icon on the top line is the Show/Hide Kitchen Sink, make sure ‘show’ is selected. Designate the type of heading with the dropdown box on the second line of the toolbar True headings on food pages Read more