Bill Keene’s International Outbreak Museum

It is officially a website, live with the first 12 exhibits:


iomLogo2-578x289For 22+ years, the late Dr. Bill Keene (of the Oregon Public Health Division) procured and memorialized products implicated in outbreaks (or detailed replicas thereof) in an “International Outbreak Museum” (IOM). School children, colleagues, public citizens, and visiting dignitaries have all been welcomed into Bill’s office museum to hear stories, share their craft, and understand the importance of foodborne disease investigations in the service of the public’s health. We plan to continue and expand this vision of education through an IOM website that will feature reports, investigation tools (e.g., questionnaires), photographs, and other physical IOM exhibits to create digital exhibits that tell the stories of famous outbreak investigations. These exhibits help visitors to understand the role outbreak investigations have played in our understanding of disease transmission and in safeguarding public health; additionally, this website will showcase the important and crucial work that public health departments conduct.

Got an outbreak that the world needs to know about? Submit it for publication on the IOM website here:

Post from: Hillary Booth, Oregon Public Health Division