FSI Wiki Worksheet

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FSI Wiki Worksheet (updated 05/27/2015)

What information might help a public health professional investigate an outbreak associated with this product? The worksheet below is divided into categories to help organize and generate content ideas for the wiki.

Food: ________________________________________



  • Key Facts (bullet pointed quick facts)
  • Introduction (Basic topic information, i.e. botanical family, commodity group)
  • Food borne Outbreaks (Pathogens associated with this food; contributing factors in outbreaks?)
  • Production (Where or how much is produced in the US/imported?)
  • Food Safety (Contamination risk, sanitization, safe consumption)
  • Consumption (How much is consumed in the US? How is it consumed, if appropriate?)
  • Nutrition (Nutritional, culinary, or cultural attributes)
  • References (Please refer to the “Referencing with Zotero and Zotpress” tutorial video to learn about citing references within wiki articles)



  • Genus and species, if applicable
  • Plant family, if applicable
  • Primary production areas in the U.S./import trends
  • Provide references/links to data on production (e.g., USDA, FDA, PPOD)

Foodborne Outbreaks:

  • Provide a brief overview of foodborne outbreaks associated with this food in the U.S. (and other countries, if applicable).
  • What pathogens associated with this food?
  • Briefly describe important or notable outbreaks (and provide references).
  • What factors contributed to these outbreaks? Mention any notable themes.


  • Within the main “Production” heading, the subheadings can be specific to the article topic and is dependent on the author’s discretion.


  • Food Production Level I
    • Could be pre-harvest information: soil specifications, water or irrigation requirements, pest issues, possible wild or domestic animal access. If a processed food, could include ingredient information. What production questions should be asked in an investigation?
  • Food Production Level II
    • This might relate to harvest information: Is this crop hand harvested? Multiple crops per year? Usual time of harvest? Is field heat an issue? If processed food, is there an aging process? Packaging issues?
  • Food Production Level III
    • What are potential problems exist post-harvest? Is there a cold-chain requirement? How is this food distributed? What is the expected shelf-life? Do consumers mishandle?

Food Safety:

  • What are the safe handling recommendations for this food – in raw, prepared, and/or preserved form including storage temperatures and shelf-life?


  • How much is consumed in the US?  If applicable, how is this item consumed?


  • What are the known health/nutrition attributes?  Nutritional, culinary, or cultural attributes?


  • The ‘Vancouver’ style of referencing has been used on previous entries, with references subscripted by number at the end of the sentence. Zotero is a free bibliographic software which can be used for organizing references.

Extra Information:

  • If an article is in progress, there are several different publishing options in the “Publish” box at the top right.  Under “Status” there are three different options: Published, Pending Review, and Draft.
    • These statuses can be changed throughout the writing process by the author’s discretion.
    • Please note: If the article status is set to “Pending Review” or “Draft”, it will not appear on the list of articles or be a searchable.


James Peth

James Peth

James Peth, MS, MPH, PhD is an instructor in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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